Why Is Full Nelson Sex Position Special?

Full Nelson Sex Position: Some sex positions probably should just be attempted by extremely athletic accomplices with astounding relational abilities. The full nelson, which looks like the wrestling move after which it is named, is one such position. Combative techniques experience may likewise assist an individual with achieving the move securely.

The full nelson sex position requires solid correspondence and loads of trust, and surprisingly then, at that point, it very well may be dangerous. Some vulva-proprietors who like assortment might partake in this position as a change from turn around cowgirl. It’s best performed at short spans, however, because it tends to be tiring and awkward in any event, for all around rehearsed accomplices.

In case you’re new to this position, use outrageous alert and make certain to consider with your accomplice every one of the dangers, which can incorporate trouble breathing and take an enormous risk injury for the accomplice on top.

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What Is The Full Nelson Sex Position?

Full Nelson Sex Position, The Full Nelson is a variation of the opposite cowgirl sex position.

It’s finished by having the lady in switch cowgirl position, with her legs raised up and pulled back by her man’s inward elbows. She is then kept in a wrestling hold, while the man pushes seriously for a brief timeframe.

The position really starts from a wrestling move of a similar name.

Not including the conspicuous contrasts between the two, the headlock part is acted in essentially the same manner, consequently keeping the name.

Critical To Know Before Trying The Full Nelson Sex Position

Full Nelson Sex Position, It’s an exceptionally famous in pornography because it gives the camera an extraordinary view, however’s a few significant things you should know prior to attempting it.

  • Difficult to pull off – She must be very adaptable, she should have the option to twist her legs far back enough for the man to embrace them and still contact her head. Indeed.
  • Slight difficult exercise – Full Nelson Sex Position, All of her body weight is on top of the folks and falling over aside is extremely simple. In case you’re attempting this, pause for a minute to discover your equilibrium before you begin pushing.
  • Convey the weight – ALL of her body weight will lie on top of you, it tends to be a bit awkward and confine your breathing a little. Ensure you’re your agreeable before you start.

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What He Should Be Doing

Full Nelson Sex Position, Your man should be perched on the edge of the bed, or sofa, ideally inclining toward the back or headrest.

Full Nelson Sex Position will give him much required help.

Then, at that point, he should interlock his internal elbows with your inward knees to keep your advantages.

Testing your sanity somewhat back, he should reach with his hands behind your head and ribbon his fingers at the rear of your neck.

(For that part, you may have to shift your head forward a bit)

Extraordinary Tips And Tricks For The Full Nelson Sex Position


Full Nelson Sex Position position is best performed on a bed, couch, or sofa.

That way, your man’s legs can rest over the edge of the sofa or bed for ground support.

This keeps him adjusted, and helps him in performing steadier pushes.

Span Of The Position

Relax on the off chance that you can’t do Full Nelson Sex Position position for a really long time, as it’s awkward in any event, for prepared darlings.

It can likewise wear you out a lot faster, without your getting any fulfillment from it.

About Self-Consciousness

As ladies, we like to pick positions that will feel AND look great.

Since the Full Nelson sex position places you in a forward nestled into, it will make your stomach fat more conspicuous.

However, this happens to a wide range of ladies, as a midsection without some fat is non-existent.

Our tip to not get occupied by this is to keep your eyes shut and center around the inclination all things being equal.


Shallow breathing is ordinary.

You will not have the option to inhale profoundly from Full Nelson Sex Position, however it’s no motivation to freeze.

Short, shallow breaths will assist you with suffering uneasiness.


Indeed, you read that right. You might require a protected word.

Since your man can’t see your face from this position, you’ll need to pick a sign when he’ll need to stop in the event that you become too awkward.

Dirty Talk

Full Nelson Sex Position, Discussing words, you will need to improve the second with some filthy talk.

Perceiving how there’s no eye-to-eye to eye connection, you can in any case have a similar measure of closeness on the off chance that you realize the right words to say.

How Does It Work?

The Full Nelson Sex Position is most as often as possible portrayed as a penis-in-vagina sex position, yet it very well may be adjusted for butt-centric sex. It could likewise be adjusted for use between ladies utilizing a tie on dildo.

The full nelson is most effortless to get into from invert cowgirl. From that point the individual on top lies back and puts their advantages into a V. The accomplice on the bottom folds their arms over the top accomplice’s legs, keeping them down with their elbows and locking their fingers behind the top individual’s neck.

What Is the Difference Between the Full Nelson and Nelson’s Sandwich?

While the Full Nelson Sex Position is a position for two individuals, nelson’s sandwich is a trio position intended for twofold infiltration.

Fantasies About the Full Nelson Sex Position

Because of the visual it makes, the full nelson position is well known in erotic entertainment, yet its trouble and potential peril implies that it is less not unexpected between genuine couples.

How to Try the Full Nelson Sex Position Safely

This move requires a specific tallness differential, extraordinary adaptability from the individual on top, and ideal control from the individual on bottom. The two accomplices should likewise have a solid center and great equilibrium.

Conversing with Your Partner

In case you are keen on attempting the position, try to talk about it fully with your accomplice in advance. You may even work on getting into the position prior to adding the component of entrance.

Potential Risks

There are a few expected risks of the full nelson sex position. These include:

Diminished Breath

Because the bottom individual bears the whole weight of the top individual, it very well may be somewhat hard to relax. The neck position of the top individual will likewise result in shallower relaxing.

Penis Injury

While the point should not make an issue for the penis, the tricky equilibrium may. On the off chance that you begin to wobble, speak with your accomplice to stay away from an abrupt wrench to the side.

Pulled Muscles

In case you will attempt this position, warm up first. The individual on top needs to extend a lot.

Neck Injury

Full Nelson Sex Position, The greatest risk is to the neck of the individual on top. The individual on bottom must be unquestionably mindful so as not to push too hard on the neck. Indeed, the full nelson wrestling move is unlawful in beginner wrestling because of the danger of injury.

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