White Hair To Black Hair Naturally | 5 Steps Ayurvedic Routine

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, Premature greying of hair is one of the major problems faced by youth today. But is it really possible to reverse White Hair To Black Hair , well the straight answer is yes.

Where modern science has symptoms suppression tablets to offer Ayurveda other hand only has identified certain classical formulation and practices that tab the root cause of grey hair.

But It is due to this formulation and practices what Ayurveda has successfully cured hundred and thousands of people permanently from this lifestyle disorder.

Ayurveda clearly states that irrespective of your genetics. If you are under 45 of age only you need is a few simple ingredients, convection your mind and a strong well power to reverse your grey hair.


Coconut Oil Gray Hair, In the morning you have woken up had your morning glass of water, freshen up and a ready for the day. Execute the first step of this routine which is simply to have a tea spoon of Rasayan Churan with a tea spoon of honey.

Rasayan Churan is a classical Ayurvedic formulation mention in the ‘uttarsthan’ chapter 39 of Astanga Hrdayam. It is build from 3 herbs which are the Gokshur, Amala, Giloy mixed in equal quantities.

Also Amla is a well known hair tonic with vitamin – c in it produces collagen protein which helps replaces the dead cells of hair follicles with new cells.

Gokshura gives strength to the tissues which help nourish the asthi and Rasha dhatu (tissues) that impact hair.

Also Giloy is naturally blood purifying and being bitter in taste, it lowers heat in the body which is responsible for greying of hair.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, The powerful combination of this 3 herbs when consumed with honey as a carrier tabs the root cause of premature grey hair.

Of course this simple formulation can be made at home but thankfully many brands are also selling online. This things are highly effective and can be consume without any side effects. But just make sure that you are not eating anything else after eating this.

BHRINGARAJ To Reverse White Hair To Black Hair

After 20 – 30 minutes of having your morning breakfast it is time to have 4 tea spoon of bhringaraj with 4 tea spoon of water mixed in it. If I could tell you just 1 herb for hair health and reverse from white hair to black hair is none other than bhringaraj.

Ayurvedic Scripture extolled bhringaraj for it’s miraculous properties that help in reversing grey hair and also preventing hair fall. The wealth of nutrients in bhringaraj includes vitamin D, E, calcium, magnesium, iron and many more. This are the micro nutrients doctor suggest when you suffer from grey hair.

Even modern medical research has confirmed through various experiment that bhringaraj due to its darkening property positively impacts in reversing white hair to black hair. Bhringaraj is consumed post meal which is quickly absorbed by the body.


Greying of hair is your body’s indication that you are eating excess salty, spicy and sour foods. This impact your blood become acidic. Ayurveda says that the number one reason for premature greying of hair is the excess amount of sea salt in the diet.

Off course that does not mean that you start eating bland food. The keyword here is excess. Eat your meal with the nesessery amount of salt. Even better is to replace with normal table salt with rock salt. However the major problem lays with the packaged food. Moreover Outside food items which are loaded with salt. You must cut them down I you wish to get fast results.


Then Greying of hair is also an indication of Iron Deficiency in the body. That is why some Ayurvedic practitioner suggest ‘lauh Bhasma’ as a remedy in medicine. How ever an easy way to fulfill Iron Deficiency and reverse white hair to black hair naturally is by star using ‘cast Iron Kadhai’ for making Currys and boiling milk. Also the foods that are bitter, sweet and astringent are beneficial for reversing your white hair to black hair.

YOGA / MEDITATION White Hair To Black Hair

Ayurvedic Scripture also given at most important s on certain yogic postures that increase the blog circulation in the scalp area.

Keeping it very basic try to do 3-4 types of yoga which will help you to reverse white hair to black hair naturally.

It will hardly take 30 minutes in a whole day. Do this 3 Feet Touch Yoga, Hill pose and Rapid Exhalation (kapalbhati) to stimulate the blood circulation. If you really want to reversing Grey hair to Black hair Naturally then skipping Yoga or Meditation is not an option. Try to do it empty stomach in the morning or in the evening.

OILING THE SCALP to reverse White hair to black hair

oiling the scalp plays the most important role in greying hair. Try to go with any Ayurvedic hair oil or pure coconut oil. A light massage to your scalp before sleeping will help your scalp breath and increase blood circulation.


Next day of Oiling hair just wash it off with toxin free for grey hair. After shampooing let your hair get dry then apply very less amount of oil. I will prefer to go with virgin coconut oil. A little tip, you can use your old pillow cover to avoid spoiling your new bedsheets.


  • a. 30 minutes before breakfast have Rasayan Churan.
  • b. Following by Yoga 3 types which is discussed above.
  • c. After 30 minutes of breakfast have 4 tea spoon of bhringaraj with equal quantities of water mixed.
  • d. Repeat Bhringaraj after dinner aswell.
  • e. Massage your scalp before sleeping.
  • f. Wash your hair off and apply oil. Then continue with same process above.

There are many few ways to make white hair to black hair naturally. This are include onion salad in meal, Ditch toxic products which damage the scalp, find time to Balayam which increases the blood circulation, protect hair from heat, avoid chillies, live stress free, Eat boiled Amla as pickle it’s a natural supplement for hair. Use the toxin free shampoo for grey hair regularly.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair

Coconut Oil Gray Hair: Your hair goes through a characteristic pattern of passing on and afterward being recovered. As your hair follicles age, they produce less shading.

In spite of the fact that your hereditary qualities will decide the real beginning of graying, when you’re 35 years of age, your maturing hair follicles are probably going to create a white or gray hair to supplant the last hair that passed on.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, While a few group commend gray hair as an indication of development and insight, many feel that they look more seasoned when their hair begins developing gray and might want the gray to disappear for a more energetic appearance.

Each and every, prior day bed, knead coconut oil onto your hair and scalp. The following morning, wash your hair not surprisingly.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair White Hair To Black Hair d
Coconut Oil Gray Hair White Hair To Black Hair

The Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice for Gray Hair Myth

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, Shockingly, this is a fantasy. White Hair To Black Hair.

This is to a great extent on the grounds that the graying interaction can’t be turned around.

As I’ll clarify beneath, when a hair follicle quits creating melatonin, this end is perpetual.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, Coconut oil can improve the soundness of your scalp and your hair, however coconut oil can’t switch gray hairs – nothing truly can.

Lemon squeeze surely can’t help all things considered. Truth be told, lemon juice has an easing up impact on your hair!

While coconut oil and lemon juice will not switch the graying interaction, they can accomplish something similarly as significant.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, This mix can really keep your hair from going gray in any case.

The following area will clarify this in more prominent detail…White Hair To Black Hair.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair White Hair To Black Hair
Coconut Oil Gray Hair White Hair To Black Hair

The Benefit of Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice for Hair

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, In any case, these fixings can in any case profit your hair wellbeing.

Indeed, coconut oil and lemon juice can’t invert gray hairs, yet they might have the option to help your strands in another manner.

Untimely graying can set in because of oxidative pressure brought about by ecological harm and contamination. More on that underneath.

Coconut Oil Gray Hair, Indeed, coconut oil can shield your strands from this.

As well as shielding your hair from harm, coconut oil can turn around past harm also. In doing as such, this oil can eliminate the danger of untimely graying.

Lemon juice can assist with keeping a solid scalp, forestalling future follicle issues. White Hair To Black Hair.

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