Which one has more caffeine, green tea vs coffee

What is green tea vs coffee?

If you will try to find difference Green Tea Vs Coffee, both are most popular beverages consumes in the world today. As per a major chunk of population tea or coffee have become an inseparable part of the daily diet.

But which one is healthier. It’s tea or coffee? What does modern science and Ayurveda talks about it ? Also my prospective I’m going to share.

If you have tea coffee or both then you should know those were not that popular few centuries ago. The tea culture was introduce in India by the British in 1836.

Coffee came to India before the East India company through a Sufi Saint named β€œBaba Busan” in 1670. And today tea and coffee become such and inseparable part of people’s diet then they failed to start their day with out dose of it. But should you be drinking daily, which is the better choice.

According to modern science both are non alcoholic flavor beverages which are safe for drinking. Actually there are quite a few studies backing that green tea vs coffee, both have health benefits.

Tea Health Benefits

Rich in antioxidants- All the varieties of teas are packed with antioxidants which eliminate the free radicals in the body boosting the Immunity.

Reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes & heart attack- tea allows the cell to synthesize the sugar better.

Tea is rich in EGCG – EGCG is a kind of phenol that has the property to shrink the far cells. This is why it helps in weight loss.

Green tea vs Black tea

Although green tea is marketed as heavenly drink for weight loss by the companies. Even according to the modern science only difference between them is that black tea is fermentation while green tea isn’t.

As a result green tea has a bit higher amount of antioxidants and EGCG. Green tea is not any magical weight loss drink as it is sold.

Types of tea


Green Tea Vs Coffee

Coffee Health Benefits

A. Help reduce of risk of prostate and colon cancer- in 2016, an agency of who removed coffee from the list of suspected carcinogens.

B. Type 2 diabetes – It Cure type 2 diabetes by Recent study by Harvard school of public health.

C. Alzheimer’s disease – recent study by Harvard school of public health.

D. Parkinson’s disease – recent study by Harvard school of public health.

Caffeine, Tannin presence in tea or coffee

But the modern science dose not want the excessive consumption of any of this. This is obviously because both this beverages have high in chemical compounds like tannin & caffeine. Coffee has more of caffeine and tea has more of tanning.


Tannin prevents the absorption of iron in the body making vulnerable to anemia. It also leads to discoloration of teeth.


Caffeine on the other hand is a stimulates that robs the calcium off the bones. Instantly increases the heart rate and blood pressure.

A cup of Coffee has 40 mg of caffeine and a cup of tea has 11mg of caffeine. Basically caffeine is a mild drug which gives you instant energy and then suddenly crashes.

It is addictive too. Once you are habituate to it you can’t do without it. Because of this you have heard people complaining that β€˜ don’t talk to me until I have my morning cup of coffee β€˜ or β€˜ I can’t work with out my coffee on desk.

Regular green tea vs coffee

Here let’s compare between regular coffee and green coffee. This is another attempt by the companies to replicate the success of green tea.

The difference between green coffee and regular coffee is just that green coffee beans are not roasted. That’s all. As a result, green coffee has a higher amount of chlorogenic acid.

Which is know to have health benefits. So comparatively green coffees are more Healthy until you consume it too much.

How much tea/coffee is too much?

How much tea or coffee is too much?

The modern science is quite liberal with the amount of tea and coffee that you consume everyday. It says that you won’t be facing any major side effects until you are having more than 4 cups daily.

Before you grab your tea there is a catch. There is a bad news for you if you are having the habit of drinking tea and coffee first thing in the morning.

In accordance with the modern medical science this 2 beverages best works if they are consumed 30 minutes after a meal breakfast or lunch. Tea and coffee best avoided after 5pm so it won’t disturb your sleep cycle.

So the modern science has cleared that both tea and coffee are good for us as long as you do not overdo with them, keep a check at your sugar serving and drink them at the right time. Coffee is much higher in caffeine and hence more addictive.

According to Ayurveda green tea or coffee is good

Ayurveda has very simple agenda regarding any food items. If a particular food item does not grow within the 100 km radius from your location, that food item should not be a part of your daily diet.

This is because food which is not locally grown does not get assimilated in the body properly.

WHEN YOU SHOULD DRINK TEA & COFFEE : Now talking generally about tea and coffee in Ayurveda terms that extremely drying and something that increases heat in the body.

This is the reason tea has always been served with milk in it. According to Ayurveda, if you differentiate green tea vs coffee then mostly seen tea and coffee both are highly acidic. Ayurveda also says that tea and coffee only consumed when the β€˜Kapha’ element in the body is increased.

If you are down with fever, Runny nose, extreme oily skin, suffering from cold and cough or sinus it’s only in this condition tea and coffee works as a medicine.

Drink teas safely

Green tea vs coffee which is more safer to drink. Ayurveda strictly prohibited stimulating addicted substances like caffeine for daily usage.

Although Ayurveda has a much better substitute to offer which is rather alkaline, controls the blood sugar, tonic for heart which is excellent for it. Many teas are easily available in online stores.

So tea and coffee can not be consumed daily basis instead should be consumed as a medicine. Tea and coffee should not become an addiction. It’s not that you have to choose between the health and taste.

Of course you have to maintain both single handed. But when you can easily replace with some good options then you should go ahead.

Drink coffee safely

Same thing goes for coffee also, there many decaffeinated coffees available in the market which are very less harmful also work same as regular coffee with same taste. Do not use sugar to sweeten it. Use jaggery powder or thread mishri instead. Is this much information enough for green tea vs coffee, write in comment.

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