Incredible Facts About Tigers: 5 Tiger Intelligence fact

Tigers skin stripes

Facts About Tigers, have striped skin along with stripped fur. This stripes are a result of skin pigmentation. Just like human finger prints. No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.

Tongue of tiger

Tiger’s tongue is covered with sharp, small, thorn-like, hooked projections. The hook – shaped projection, called ‘papillae’. Curve toward the tiger’s throat. This makes the tongue so coarse that with just a few licks. It can strip of flesh down to the bone.

White spots on the back

Tigers have white spot on the backs of their ears. That look like eyes when viewed from a distance. Though we are not sure why they have those. It is believed that these eye-like marking are form of intimidations against other animals trying to sneak up on them.

Facts About Tigers

Tiger’s Roar

A tiger’s Roar can momentarily paralyze or immobilize its prey. Such is the effect of the roar. That even experienced human trainers feel paralyzed upon hearing it. When tiger roars, they produce low-pitched infrasound of frequencies 18 Hertz and below. Although untested, science believe that this infrasound is what causes the paralyzing effect.

Tiger Size compared to Lion

Even though tigers and lion look to be the same size. Tigers weigh up to 300lb more than lions due to their muscle density. When pitted against a lion. They are ls usually have an upper hand as they can stand up on their hind quarters while leaping for the throat straight away. In 2011, a tigers at Ankara Zoo in turkey got out through a gap in its fence. Went to a lion’s enclosure, and severed the lion’s jaguar vein with a single swipe of its paw.

Tiger revenge story

The most famous tiger revenge story is that of a Russian Poacher, Vladimir Markov, who in the winter of 1997. Wounded a tiger and stole part of it’s kill. The vengeful tigers found out the poacher’s cabin , destroyed his belongings, waited at least half a day for him to return. Then killed and ate him.

The golden tiger

There exists an extremely rare type of tiger called the “golden tiger.” Also known as the “golden tabby tiger” or “strawberry tiger.” This colour variations is caused by a recessive gene. The gene that causes this colour patters is so rare that currently, no known golden tigers exist in the wild. The rare gene that causes this must be present in both parents. Because of that, this condition is mainly the result of inbreeding. The 30 or fewer golden tigers that are alive today have been born and raised in captivity.

Siberian Tigers: Facts About Tigers

Siberian Tigers are known to hunt and eat bears. Hair of bears have been found in several tiger scar samples. Statistics show that about 2.1% of the Siberian tiger’s annual diet constitutes of Ussuri Bears and Asian black bears. Even though bears are not their primarily food. Tiger sometimes imitate the call of Asian black bear to attract and kill them.

Facts About Tigers

Tigers are solitary creature

Facts About Tigers, Tigers are solitary creatures. They live alone and interact briefly only during mating seasons. After mating, the male tiger wanders away. The female gives and raises the cubs on her own. Tigers are also extremely territorial and mark their area with urine and faces to let other tigers know that this space is occupied. Such Facts About Tigers are un believable.

Facts About Tigers

“Tigons” a cross between a female lion and male tiger

There exists “tigons”, a cross between a female lion and male tigers. Tigons have faint tiger strippin underneath the golden color if a lion.

Royal Bengal tiger in Guinness book of world records: Facts About Tigers

Between 1800 and 2009, tigers have killed as estimated 373,000 humans. In the early 20th century, a single tiger killed 436 people in Nepal and India. Known as the “champawat Tiger.” This Bengal tigers is even listed in the Guinness book of world records causing the highest number of fatalities by a single tigers.

Facts About Tigers

Marking on forehead

Another Facts About Tigers, The marking marking on forehead closely resemble the Chinese character for king. Giving them a Chinese culture status as a regal animal. Since ancient times, Chinese culture has associated tigers with the powerful male principles of courage, bravery, dignity and austerity. The tigers is an integral part of Chinese culture even today.

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