Soya Chunks Nutrition And 10 Magic Benefits: Is It Healthy?

Soya Chunks Nutrition: What is Soya Chunks, soya chunks is from soya family. If you extract the oil from soya bean the left over call soya bean. That means extract all fatty acids from soya.

After limitation of protein soya chunks contain protein, carbohydrates and essential amino acid. Soya Chunks Nutritions are the only thing which has all 8 beneficial essential amino acid. It has very high content of protein. It is widely consumed in Indian market.

Soya chunks also been called β€˜Nutri’ or β€˜Nutrellaβ€˜. People in India can eat soya bean in almost every meal. From breakfast to Dinner any meal can contain Soya Bean.

Why male should not take much Soya Chunks

Soya Chunks Nutritions are rich in Phytoestrogen. β€˜Phyto’ means plant in Greek language and Estrogen means Estrogen so Plant Estrogen. So soya chunks raises up the Estrogen in body. So you don’t need the Estrogen produced in body.

By the way men doesn’t need Estrogen much. Because men’s primary main hormone is β€˜Testosteroneβ€˜. Male body produce very less Estrogen hormones.

So sometimes we consume soya chunks more than it need to our body. So testosterone level goes down and estrogen levels goes high in your body. Then hormone imbalance creates. There are many side effects of male body gets more Estrogen.

Soya Chunks Nutrition,
Soya Chunks Nutrition

Soya chunks in my life

Soya Chunks Nutrition, Although it is a product that has been with us for many years, textured soy has gained a lot in popularity and we could say that it is fashionable, especially among vegans, vegetarians or those who seek to reduce the consumption of meat.

At present it can be found on the shelves of almost all large supermarkets, a sign that its demand is strong and that more and more people are consuming it.

Textured soy came into my life several months ago when I was looking for foods to add to my new vegetarian diet. Despite not knowing anything about it, I was encouraged to try it and today it has become an essential in my pantry.

Not only because of the possibilities it presents in the kitchen but because it is a food with high nutritional value and very beneficial for our body.

What is textured soy and how is it obtained?

Soya Chunks Nutrition, Textured soy is obtained from soybeans, a legume that is more than 5,000 years old, or, rather, from soybean meal. Also known as soy meat or textured vegetable protein, textured soy contains no chemical additives or colorants and is 100% natural.

The production process begins with the extraction of the oil from the soybeans, which, when refined, becomes soybean oil. The solid residue that remains after defatting the soybeans is dehydrated to make soybean meal.

This is subjected to an extrusion process, that is, a series of processes, high temperature, pressure, texturing and dehydration, which result in a product that could well look like crumbs, crusts or pieces of dry bread.

Textured Soya Chunks can be left to dry and marketed as is. In this dehydrated format it is a stable product with a very long expiration date. It can also be hydrated, seasoned, mixed with other ingredients and sold as a finished product, usually frozen, in the form of hamburgers, meatballs and the like.

Soya Chunks Nutrition, In this case, its expiration date is shorter and it must be stored cold to keep it in good condition.

Soya Chunks Nutrition,
Soya Chunks Nutrition

What nutritional values ​​does textured soya chunks have?

Textured soya beans are low in saturated fat and salt, sugar free, a great source of fiber and very rich in quality protein and carbohydrates. The nutritional values ​​per 100 grams of textured soya beans are 364 kcal, 4 g of fats, of which 0.6 g are saturated, 30 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of fiber, 50 g of protein and 0.04 g of salt.

Soya Chunks Nutrition, According to the study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, textured soya beans contain an appreciable amount of isoflavones with antioxidant functions in the body, as occurs with other products derived from soya beans.

Although it is used as a meat substitute, it should be remembered that it is a legume and as such should be considered from a nutritional point of view (not as a substitute for meat).


  • Soya Chunks Nutrition, The nutritional value of food and its derived products -among them β€˜ Textured Soy Beans OR Soya Chunks- is given by the quantity and quality of its nutrients.
  • It is an important source of protein and oil and, therefore, a food with high nutritional value.
  • It has high-quality proteins, compared to other foods of plant origin, however, like the rest of legumes, they do not have all the essential amino acids, so they must be combined with foods such as cereals, seeds, nuts or foods of origin animal..
  • It is rich in fiber, which helps regulate intestinal transit, provides greater satiety and decreases the absorption of cholesterol.
  • It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have a cardioprotective function since they lower blood levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve heart function.
  • It provides large amounts of folic acid, a fundamental nutrient for unborn children, and also other B-complex vitamins, such as B1, B2, B3 and B6 ..
  • Compared to other legumes, soy provides a greater amount of calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc, potassium and phosphorus, however, the bioavailability of these micronutrients is diminished by the presence of phytates (antinutrients), although this The disadvantage is eliminated in fermented, textured or fortified soy products.
  • Soya Chunks Nutrition, Textured soybeans are better tolerated since insoluble fibers are eliminated from the grain during its production process.
  • Calcium and phosphorus help maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • Iron is necessary for the transport of oxygen to all cells. Contributes to cognitive and immune functions, as well as the formation of red blood cells.
  • Iodine is a mineral necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Soya Chunks Nutrition, Magnesium is involved in the formation of bones and teeth, in the functioning of the intestine, nerves and muscles, and improves immunity.
  • Zinc is beneficial for the immune system and wound healing, it also helps metabolize proteins.
  • Potassium helps with good circulation, regulating blood pressure.

Consumption of soy chunks

Soya Chunks Nutrition, Soak textured soybeans for at least 20 minutes or until doubled in volume, using 1 part textured soybeans to 2 1/2 parts water.

Soya Chunks Nutrition,
Soya Chunks Nutrition

Soya chunks ingredients

  • Soya Chunks Nutrition, It is composed mainly of water, so it provides very few calories.
  • Sugars, most of it fructose and to a lesser extent, glucose and sucrose, are the most abundant nutrients after water.
  • It is a discrete source of vitamin E or tocopherol, which has antioxidant action and is involved in fertility.
  • Soya Chunks are is rich in fiber, which helps regulate intestinal transit, provides greater satiety and reduces the absorption of cholesterol.
  • Among its minerals, potassium stands out, which is necessary for the transmission and generation of the nerve impulse and for normal muscular activity, it intervenes in the balance of water inside and outside the cell.
  • It contains pectin, a soluble fiber that interferes with the absorption of cholesterol from the diet.
  • It has flavonoids and quercetin, photochemical with antioxidant properties that delay the aging of tissues.
  • Both red and green apples have similar nutritional value.

Health benefits and nutritional values of soya chunks

Soya Chunks Nutrition, The nutritional values ​​per 100 grams of textured soya beans are 364 kcal, 4 g of fats, of which 0.6 g are saturated, 30 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of fiber, 50 g of protein and 0.04 g of salt.

As it is a dehydrated food, it has a not very high water content and a concentration of nutrients among which are phosphorus, calcium, type B vitamins and especially notable for its contribution of iron (about 9 mg per 100 grams, much higher than animal sources of iron).

Likewise, it is characterized by containing isoflavones that fulfill an antioxidant function in the body.

Soya Chunks Nutrition. In addition, due to its richness in protein and fiber, it easily satiates, in turn, providing very few calories due to its low fat composition, making it a suitable food for consumers seeking to maintain their shape or reduce their weight.

According to nutrition experts, the replacement of proteins of animal origin accelerates the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, as well as it could also be optimal to reverse dyslipidemia in the body.

Soya Chunks Nutrition, In short, these characteristics make Soya Chunks and its derivatives a food of great help to take care of cardiovascular health and maintain a correct functioning of our body.

Textured plant protein products are usually affordable, suitable for all types of pockets. Consuming these types of foods include numerous benefits:

  • Under normal conditions, these types of products have a useful life of approximately one year. No freezers or cold rooms required.
  • If when it comes to hydrating it we exceed the amount, it can be kept in the fridge, in a hermetically closed container, for three or four days.
  • Textured plant proteins can be enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to provide balanced nutrition in the final packaged product.
  • Soya Chunks Nutrition, Processed plant proteins maintain their structure after hydration and provide a meat-like texture.
  • They normally absorb two to three times their weight in water and have favorable fat-absorbing properties.
  • They are less exposed to bacteria compared to meat of animal origin.
  • All kinds of colors and flavorings can be added to them and they can be sized to resemble a wide variety of food products.
Soya Chunks Nutrition,
Soya Chunks Nutrition

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