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Music For Sleep also known as worlds best sleeping pill naturally. We all have that friend who don’t get proper sleep and have a question that how to fall sleep faster.

So research says that it is most important in everyone life just as food, health, exercise it also helps to balance our life. Getting proper sleep helps our immune system, skin disease, heart problem etc.

β€œSleep baby, sleep… ” There is a good chance that you know this song from the past or even sung it to sleep when you were little. Not for nothing, because relaxing and soothing sleep music stimulates our brains and ensures that we fall asleep more easily.

Good news for the poor sleepers among us and therefore definitely worth a try when you spend hours turning and worrying, or waking up often at night.

Benefits of sleep :

  • Improve memory.
  • Quality health.
  • Better focus.
  • Better mood.


This Electronics plays a major role in less sleep. Do you follow sleep with TV on ? or may be you browse social media on your bed. Whether you are looking at your phone, computer or TV screen your technology might be keeping you up.

A 2014 study said teenagers use electronics before sleep they. They discovered all electronics interfered with sleep in any way. Even listening music increase the possibility of having night mares. But all technology has one common thing the they play the role in sleeping.

Another study from 2013 determined you could actually increase sleep duration by reducing nighttime technology use.3rd study added that turning off devices an hour earlier would significantly increase the length and depth of your sleep. So why the technology is so harmful? Well the first problem is the screen blue light.

Our body release melatonin hormones to reduce alertness. This process starts around 9pm at night. So Turn off your Electronics before sleeping of at least one hour which gives your brain a chance to unwind. Technology can ruin your life by interrupting deep sleep.


If we sleep every night in different different time routine then our body’s internal clock get disturbed. It harms not only our deep sleep, it is worst for our regular mental alert, mood, appetite, heart. So try to be on time to your bed daily basis. At night 9pm – 5am is the best time get proper sleep. Also try to avoid bed in the afternoon.

Music for sleep


If you are sleeping 6-8 hours a day and still not feeling it right then there is a problem of your sleeping style. Many peoples sleeps on fetal position. So it harms our body muscles also, so you feel tired whole day.

Face down sleeping position makes your belly more fatty. Wrap it up position doesn’t give you the supply of oxygen. Head on arm position damage your hand tissue.

Sleeping on back is good for them who all are suffering from back pain, because it keeps your spine straight. Generally sleeping on left side is healthiest and best way to lay down. it has some health benefits like it increase your blood circulation, stops heart blockage.

Also it has a scientific reason that when we lay on left hand side our our stomach stays down, so it dose not lift the acid up.

So always remember that right is wrong and left is right regarding sleeping position. So right position of sleeping will help you to fall sleep faster.

music for sleep


Some says that eating at night may accelerates body weight, some says it speeds up your metabolism. When people think about eating food at night they focus on the timing when they are eating instead of thinking of what they are eating.

Now you might think you can eat anything if the timing is right for you without experiencing any side effects. You might have tried eating in early dinner to give time to your body to digest, Or might be you try to weighing your meal to avoid a giant dinner. Does any of this improve the quality of your sleep?

The truth is β€˜what you eat’ more important than β€˜when you eat’. Food containing sugar, cheese, caffeine make you hotter to fall asleep. Similar to the blue light keep your mind alert before you are on bed.

Which is exactly you don’t need. Foods which are spicy and high in fat that cause make you restless because of slow digestion or heart burn. Even healthy fruits containing lots of water can create cold throat.

So focus on right food instead of right time. you can choose such foods like Banana which will make you unwind by supplying your body muscle relaxes like potassium and magnesium.

Also help your brain producing sleep inducing melatonin. Foods like almond in turkey are great source of tryptophan, which improve your sleep cycle.

music for sleep


Music for sleeping can be used as a medicine. Meditation music is one of the best music for sleep.

Music does something to us, that is clear. Think for yourself: which music do you listen to when you are sad and which music when you have something to celebrate?

Music can influence us positively or negatively, says Professor Erik Scherder – who has previously studied the effect of music on the brain. As an example he mentions heavy metal, which can increase stress and blood pressure, while classical music, for example, can help us relax.

Benefits of sleep music

There is also certain music that makes us fall asleep more easily. Music with a slow and stable rhythm slows down our brain waves and breathing and also ensures a lower heart rate and cortisol level. The levels of the stress hormone go down, we feel more relaxed and eventually fall asleep more easily.

In addition to the rhythm, the tones of the so-called sleep music also have a positive influence on our brain. We explain exactly how tones affect our brains in this article about sound bathing, but with sleep music it boils down to that these tones ensure that we produce more dopamine – hello happiness hormone! – and have more focus, rest, happiness and better sleep.

Another advantage of music as a sleep aid is that it is an accessible (and cheap) way for people with sleeping problems. Nowadays we all have a device with which we can play music and there are also countless examples of great sleep music online.

Music to fall asleep to

There are many types of music will let you fall asleep, those are β€œmeditation music for sleep”, β€œRelaxing music for sleep”, β€œClassical music for sleep”, β€œcalming music for sleep”, β€œRomantic music for sleep” etc.

But what is great music to fall asleep to? Ideally, these are songs with 60 to 80 beats per minute or fragments with binaural beats, vibrations that we feel throughout our body. Think of music with gongs, singing bowls, but also meditations with background music can help.

Type β€œmusic for sleep” in your search bar and several examples will appear with wonderful music to fall asleep to. We are also a fan, and have prepared a playlist with nice sleeping music that varies from classical to meditation:

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  • STAY OUT OF BED: You can also sleep faster by reserving your bed exclusively for sleep. Do not use your bed as workplace like watching tv, playing game, office work etc.
  • NO AXIETY: Don’t force yourself to fall asleep. It will keep you awake instead.
  • WRITING THOUGHTS: Start writing your thoughts in a note book on daily basis. So it will keep you away of tension which you face in the day.
  • STAY ACTIVE : Stay active during the day. When you workout or exercise during the day or any physical work and by the time you go to bed your body will try to recover. So you fall asleep before you know.

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