Lung fung soup interesting facts: Lung Fung soup recipe

Chicken Lung Fung soup, there are two types of healthy liquids we can consume which will be most beneficial after water. Those are not tea or coffee. One is juice another one is soup. We are going to discuss about some interesting facts about Lung Fung soup. Soups are not that popular in India, as much as other Asian countries. Now a days soups are very popular in India.

Lung Fung Soup arranged with destroyed chicken and egg is a delicious and scrumptious combo particularly liked during stormy and winter season. Lung Fung Soup is a nutritious dish wealthy in indispensable supplements needed for body. This can be effortlessly set up at home and requires exceptionally negligible fixings.

Lung Fung Soup is one of a kind and uncommon with destroyed chicken mixed with egg and sauce blend. You can investigate a very much nitty gritty Lung Fung Soup here.

Chicken Lung Fung soup Recipe
Chicken Lung Fung soup Recipe

Make any soup at home even Lung Fung soup

Soups can be made from any healthy vegetables, can be cut nicely and put it on pan with water. Fiber of vegetable should not be excluded after boiling. We can add some spices and starches to give it’s thickness. Any meat or seafood with egg can be added like chicken, lamb, prawn, crab meat are very common if non vegetarian.

In case of vegetarian tomato, corn, broccoli, lentils, mix vegetables, mushroom, spinach, carrot, beetroots, pakchoi, cabbage and many more. End less soups are there in the list. Even you can make the soup at home if you know the ingredients which we are going to discuss.

Lung Fung soup recipe

So what is lung Fung soup basically? And how it could be made. So lung Fung soup is non-vegetarian only, can not be vegetarian.


  • Oil
  • Garlic
  • Green chilly
  • Chopped chicken(you can also add sea food, prawn, fish chopped.)
  • Mushroom chopped
  • Chicken stock
  • Egg white beaten
  • Salt
  • Corn flour
  • Crushed paper
  • Lemon juice
  • Chicken stock
Lung fung soup
Chicken Lung Fung soup Recipe

Cooking process of lung Fung soup

So first put the oil on pan to sautΓ©ed the chopped garlic, then add chopped green chilies. Stir it for sautΓ© the ingredients. Then add chopped chicken. You can also add seafood, prawn or fish. Then add mushroom chopped. Again sautΓ©ed it. Add some chicken stock and leave it for a while.

You need eggs also for making the Soup. But egg yolk should be removed. After that egg white part should be beaten nicely. Make foam out of it. Add salt, crushed paper and lemon juice in the pan. Now add corn flour in the soup as per requirement of thickness. Heat up the soup continually.

At last add the beaten egg white. Then your soup will be ready.

Lung Fung Soup Recipe
Chicken Lung Fung soup Recipe

Benefits of lung Fung soups

Not only this soup, any soups are beneficial for your health. Let’s talk about the benefits below:

  • It doesn’t make you hungry very often.
  • Helps to reduce body fat especially in diabetes or who are trying to loose their fat.
  • Many beneficial nutrients you get from this soup, like vitamin, fiber, minerals etc. Which makes your immune system stronger. So there is less chance of having covid 19.
  • It is one of the least time consuming food, can be make in 5 minutes. It is easy to make also.
  • This soup makes you feel energetic always. And helps digesting food.
  • Can be consumed during sickness also, like fever or anything.


This soup is also referred as a dragon soup. The place of origin of this soup is china. As we have already discussed about the main ingredients in the recipe. Seafood mushroom and lemon are the key ingredients. β€˜lung’ comes from the use of snack, and β€˜fung’ comes from the use of chicken in the soup.

Lung Fung Soup Recipe
Chicken Lung Fung soup Recipe

Lung fung soup is a starter, snack or meal

A soup is often used as an appetizer to stimulate the taste buds and create a tasty appetite. Chicken lung fung soup is a good starter.

As a snack you can actually use any soup, but a quick soup is the most ideal.

Soups such as pea soup, brown bean soup, and bread soups are ideal for a meal. They are very filling and heavy but very tasty. Such meal soups are often eaten in the cold winter season.

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