Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021 Date, List, Vidhi

Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021: Pradosh Vrat is today i.e. 07 July 2021, the day is on Wednesday. Pradosh Vrat falling on Wednesday is called Budh Pradosh Vrat. According to the Hindu calendar, the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Ashadha month will start from 07 July and will last till 03:20 in the morning of 08 July. After this the date of Chaturdashi will take place.

Lord Shiva should be worshiped during Pradosh period on the day of Pradosh fast. The time between 45 minutes before sunset and 45 minutes after sunset is called Pradosh Kaal. It is said that worshiping Lord Shiva during Pradosh period gives auspicious results.

Worship Lord Shiva in these auspicious times-

Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021,

Brahma Muhurta – 03:41 AM to 04:22 AM.
Vijay Muhurta- 02:09 PM to 03:04 PM.
Twilight Muhurta- 06:28 PM to 06:52 PM.
Amrit Kaal – 02:43 PM to 04:31 PM.
Nishita Muhurta – 11:32 PM to 12:14 AM, July 08.
Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga – Whole day

Budh Pradosh fasting story-

Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021, According to the story of Budh Pradosh Vrat, a man was newly married. After 2 days of marriage, his wife went to his maternal home. After a few days, the man went to pick up his wife. When he started returning with his wife on Wednesday, the in-laws tried to stop him that Wednesday is not auspicious for farewell. But he did not agree and left with his wife. On reaching outside the city, the wife felt thirsty.

The man went in search of water with a lota. The wife sat under a tree. After a while the man returned with water, when he saw that his wife was chatting with someone laughingly and drinking water from his pot. He got angry.

Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021, When he came near, there was no limit to his surprise, because the man’s appearance was like him. The wife also got confused. The two men started fighting. A crowd had collected. The soldiers have arrived. They were also surprised to see the lookalike men.

He asked the woman, β€˜Who is her husband?’ She became dejected. Then the man started praying to Lord Shankar – β€˜Oh my God! protect us. I made a big mistake that I did not listen to my mother-in-law and got my wife off on Wednesday. I will never do this in future.

Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021, As soon as her prayer was fulfilled, the other man disappeared. Husband and wife reached their home safely. From that day onwards, husband and wife started observing fast of Pradosh on Mercury Trayodashi as per rules.

Pradosh fasting rules Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021-

  1. To observe Pradosh fast, one should wake up early in the morning on Trayodashi.
  2. One should meditate on Lord Shiva after taking bath.
  3. Food is not taken during this fast.
  4. Stay away from anger or controversy.
  5. Brahmacharya should be followed on the day of Pradosh fast.
  6. On this day Lord Shiva should be worshiped after taking bath one hour before sunset.
  7. The seat of Kusha should be used in the worship of Pradosh fast.
Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021
Happy Pradosh Vrat Katha 2021

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