Baby Foul smelling urine parts, what is the reason?

Babies foul smelling urine, A strong odor is actually common and usually not a health problem. You should not be worried at all about this. This has all basic reasons of breastfed baby urine smells strong.

Urine is generally slightly yellow, acidic and almost odorless. Urine hardly stinks as long as someone drinks enough. Insufficient fluid intake is therefore the main reason for strong smelling urine. Drinking too little water changes the color and smell of the urine.

This problem is also referred to as too concentrated urine. Excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee and alcohol can also cause too concentrated urine or dehydration, with the result that the urine can start to stink.

There could be few reasons like certain foods or herbs also concentrated urine will have a much stronger order.

A new study says that a combination of fever and foul foul smelling urine can be a sign of a urinary track infection in babies.

The smell is naught to come from intestinal bacteria that have entered the urinary track and multiplied to the point of causing an infection.

Researchers surveyed the parents of more that 300 children between 1 and 36 months of age with a fever. Of those children 57% who reported to foul smelling urines were discovered to have a urinary track infection. Only 32% of those without smelly urine had a UTI.

Causes of foul smelling urine

In most cases, foul-smelling urine is harmless, such as after eating asparagus. About half of the people have their urine smelly after eating the β€œwhite gold”. The smelly urine smell is caused by the breakdown of sulfur-containing substances in asparagus.

If dehydration is the reason for strong smelling urine, the urine will also get a darker color. Too concentrated urine can also cause a strong ammonia odor.

Health problems also cause breastfed baby urine smells strong

Foul-smelling urine can also be a sign of underlying health problems. It is therefore wise to consult a doctor in time, especially if the urine has changed in odor and color for a longer period of time or if it contains traces of blood.

Foul-smelling urine can include a symptom of cystitis or inflammation of the prostate. Other health problems associated with foul-smelling urine include liver failure, diabetes, and kidney stones.

Most common reason of babies foul smelling urine

As I have said concentrated urine also may cause smelly urine especially the morning urines are more concentrated. And strong foods flavours also gives strong urine order.

Breastfed babies urine smell till 6 months

Especially babies who drinks breastfed milk till the age of 6 months their urine doesn’t smell. Because their stomach only gets milk which is very easy to digest and also pees faster.

If still babies urine smells then It is just because of urine infection. Not changing diapers on time causes infections. Otherwise there are no possibility of urine smelling between 0-6 months babies.

Above 6 months babies foul smelling urine

Always remember after 6 months we switch babies diet from liquid to solid foods. Then we start feeding all new things which causes strong urine smell and toilet smell too.

Also we change the milk after 6 months instead of breastfed milk we feed them formula milk, cow milk or any milk. That also can cause babies urine smell.

Dehydration cause babies foul smelling urine

Drinking less of water is another important reason. After 6 months babies needs more water to drink if they doesn’t get then it causes urine smell. And when they eats solid food then they need more of water compare to below 6 months baby.

Vaccine can cause breastfed baby urine smells strong

After giving vaccine also babies urine starts smelling but only for short periods.

Any types of diseases or illness cause short time foul smelling urine. Other than all this there is nothing very serious about it.


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