Fat cutter drink, indian Jeera Water For Weight Loss

Here I’m going to share weight loss naturally tips with Fat Cutter Drink like Jeera Water For Weight Loss. Especially in India weight loss is becoming most common question in every one’s mind men and women. If you have tried everything but the extra fat doesn’t go away from you then you are on right page.

This diet plan is very practical and if you stick to this then you will get a very good results. So you can grab a pen and paper now:

Fat Cutter Drink (most important weight loss natural tips)

Starting weight loss naturally tips by following Either you need a fat cutter drink or drink lots of water after you waking up in the morning. Like if you can drink 3-4 glasses of water in morning that would be great.

It can be warm or normal. It will kick start your metabolism which is very essential for weight loss. If you are into drinking Indian tea or coffee early in the morning I will suggest you to rather skip it this point of time. You can have it later in the day.

List of Fat Cutter Drinks

  • Coriander juice (put coriander leaves with hot water in blender).
  • lime juice in warm water. Also you can add in coriander juice.
  • Hot water.

Fat Cutter Drink Jeera Water For Weight Loss

As we all know about jeera are hugely used in Indian recipe to enhance the flavor. Apart from that jeera water is the great combination to cut the fat from your body. Jeera has many beneficial properties to help reduce body fat and cleanse your body from inside.

we will make a nice home made drink to reduce body fat which will work 5 times faster that any other fat cutter drink.


Your breakfast should be low in complex carbohydrates and high in protein. Low in carbohydrates, because I you will have high carbohydrate diet it will be ultimately stored as Fat.

Now we also want our weight loss to be in the form of fat and not in the form of muscles. So we will keep protein intake high. So get Weight loss tips with some of the healthiest breakfast could be:

  • Customized Oatmeal and Egg- Try to have customized oatmeal with 3 eggs whites along with 1 whole egg. (Whey protein isolate for vegetarians)
  • Chickpeas Spinach Egg Bhurji.
  • Moong Dal Dosa.
  • Plain paratha with 5 egg whites and 1 full egg. (Low fat Paneer Bhurji make from skimmed milk for vegetarians).

This all above breakfast are very cheap, tasty and low in fat, also you can have with Drink called jeera water for weight loss. Now because we are talking about complex carbohydrates not including brown bread.

Because that so called wheat bread we find in the market is adulterated with Maida(all purpose flour). So I would suggest you to rather avoid it. If you really want to have it then have it once a week.

Now 1 hour after breakfast and 40 minutes before lunch try to have 1 littre of water. If you are outside keep a water bottle handy.

Jeera Water For Weight Loss


If you are hungry between breakfast and lunch you can go for unsalted roasted peanuts with green tea or Indian tea.

But avoid sugar, if you want to sweeten it you can use natural sweetness like stevia. Please remember for weight loss sugar is your number 1 enemy. Also you can add a drink call jeera water for weight loss with each every meal you have in a day.


Coming to lunch, start your lunch with salad. Now a salad may comprise of carrots, cucumbers, beetroots, cabbage etc. Not only it will give you the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber but it will also make you a little full this is a great way to eat less.

Now after the salad you can have a small portion of complex carbohydrates along with protein.

  • roti with protein rich curry (low fat paneer, soy chunks, chicken breast, egg whites. Eat a maximum of 2 roti. Also you can have low fat carb along with it.
  • Whole wheat roti. Eating roti with Dal is not a great option when it comes to weight loss. No doubt lentils are high in protein. But if they have 1 gm of protein then it has 3 gm of carbohydrates.
  • Now combining them with roti or brown rice will make them very high in carbohydrates. Which will not help the weight loss process. If you want to have Dal then have it with one roti or little brown rice.
  • Make sure you add some protein rich source like roasted paneer, grilled chicken, egg whites etc. This makes it protein rich and balances out the macronutrients.
  • Then we have already discussed about chickpeas, spinach Egg Bhurji and moong Dal.

Evening snacks and drink for Fat Cutting

  • Apple with green tea also known as fat cutter drink.
  • Chickpeas, peanuts & green tea/indian tea.
  • Roasted lotus seeds.
  • Boiled Chana chaat.
  • Peanut butter roti.
  • Joma / Oats.
  • Egg white Bhurji / omelette/ boiled.
  • Jeera Water For Weight Loss (Most important)

This are some of the great evening snacks items which will help you out stay away from the outside food.

This diet plan will work even if you do not exercise. But exercise will make the weight loss process faster. And I’m sure you want that.

Jeera Water For Weight Loss

DINNER – Weight loss natural tips

Now all the lunch optioned we have already spoken about are very much valid in dinner as well. Only what you can do is you can further reduce the quantity of complex carbohydrates. So you should definitely start with:

  • Salad.
  • Little amount of brown rice (at night we need least amount of carbohydrates).
  • Protein rich curry like low fat paneer, soy chunks, grilled chicken, grilled fish.


Half glass of warm milk only if you feel Hungry. If you feel to munching like something just have some almonds or makhane.

Some more important weight loss natural tips

  • Eat slowly your meals.
  • Morning time running.
  • Get less stress.
  • Have light meals.
  • Include a Fat Cutter Drink.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Avoid junks.
  • Eat bananas.
  • Drink coconut water.

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