Diabetes control Solution | Diabetes diet plan | 2021

Here I’m going to share very important Diabetes control Solution. It’s very difficult to the person to accept that he/she has diabetes. They will search several permanent solutions in internet to cure that.

Here are few scientific solutions which will help you to control diabetes and also you can reverse it to an extent during the initial stages of diabetes.

It is important to discuss some of the myths associated with diabetes before moving on to scientific solutions.

Diabetes Myths & Diabetes Control Solution

A. All the solutions that you hear on the internet like drinking of bitter gourd(Karelia) juice or ghiya juice will permanently cure the diabetes. There is no scientific evidence for all these things.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything for it. You can better manage diabetes by following certain steps and also it is possible to reverse that some extent.

B. It is another common myth that too much sugar can cause diabetes, it also stops the diabetes control process. There is no direct connection between eating extra sugar and diabetes. It’s connection is with unhealthy lifestyle. Because of that, you may gain weight and that will increase the risk of having diabetes.

C. Many people think people who are overweight only get diabetes. A lean person can also get diabetes because of following a bad lifestyle or a strong family history.

diabetes control Solution

Home Remedies For Diabetes

Come on, let’s know about such things that exist in your own home. That will help you with the treatment of your diabetes control.

A. Natural and home remedies for diabetes treatment are available in the form of vegetable in your fridge. All you need to do is open your fridge and eat the right amount of vegetables.

B. You should try to fill half of your plate with vegetables from today onwards. You can eat this vegetables in the form of salads or steamed or sautΓ©ed.

C. Try to eat more of seasonal vegetables. After filling half of the plate with vegetables now it is the time to fill 1/4 on the plate with proteins.

D. If you are a vegetarian then you can use Lentils, Chickpeas, rajma, chhole, curd etc and if you are eating non-veg other than this you can use egg, fish, and chicken along with this. 1/4 of the plate with grains like roti, Dalia, oats, rice etc.

E. Diabetes is not curable with out exclusion of packaged foods such as biscuits, rusks, nankeen, chips, fruit juice and cool drinks.

F. The outer covering of cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits is always rich in nutrients. Eat them as much as you can. Avoid taking the juice and vegetables, as it reduces nutrient level.

diabetes control Solution

Another Diabetes Control Solution Is – Exercise

Exercise is the second most important part of managing diabetes naturally. You can include any exercise you like at any time in your daily routine. You can follow some easy tips to incorporate physical activity easier in your daily routine:

A. Take stairs as much as possible instead of stair cases.

B. If possible, park your vehicle as far as possible, so that you can walk a little farther.

C. Take regular break of 1 hour from office for moving around your office to boost your physical activity during office hours.

D. Meditation is similarly helpful to cure diabetes.

diabetes control Solution

Stress Reducing

Apart from above this diabetes control Solution, stress reducing is also one of the most important part in diabetes. For that you can incorporate regular yoga and meditation into your life.

Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for longer time. Alcohol react with your body faster while you are carrying a major disease.

Take Doctors Advice

Some people only follow home remedies even though their sugar levels reach more than 200-300 and a kid taking medications. Which can cause further harm to them.

If your sugar level increases even after following these tips that means insulin deficiency is increased in your body. You need to take medicine for this. For this you have to take medicine.

Your doctor can be prescribed Metformin, sulfonylureas, DPP-4 inhibitors, SGLT2 inhibitors for diabetes control Solution. One more important factor is that you should take only those medications that prescribed by your doctor. Also follow the doses they instruct.

Foods Which Really Reduce Blood Sugar and Last As A Diabetes Control Solution

So these are most effective foods which reduce the level of blood sugar. This are some natural diabetes control Solution.

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