How to pass a kidney stone, Treating a kidney stone

How To Pass A Kidney Stone, The biggest problem we have in our population is not drinking enough water. Patients who are kidney stone former tend to be a but dehydrated. There are many many factors, again not drinking enough water. Sometimes patients can have metabolic abnormalities in where they put out too much substance in their urine such as calcium. That’s part of the beauty of kidney stones.

What are kidney stone?

So kidney stones are formed of concretion of sands and crystals are collect together and formed as stone. Either it can be in your kidney or in your urectrick calculus or in your urinary bladder.

Causes of kidney stones

There are many reasons been found behind kidney stone.

Oxalate rich food to Pass A Kidney Stone

Oxalate is a very good friend of crystal to bind minerals and make kidney stones. They can prevent your body from absorbing beneficial nutrients in your digestive track. How much oxalate to consume per day is about a 100 mg of it. So you have to eat or drink less than 100 mg a day.

Too much alcohol

If you drink too much straight alcohol and don’t drink sufficient water, then you get dehydrated. Then you might get kidney stone. But beers and wines are exceptional will discuss below.

Diet rich in spinach, raw tomatoes

If the foods that you eat that is very high in crystal forming like spinach and Raw Tomatoes that causes kidney stones. But if you cook the tomatoes it’s okay. If you eat those foods empty stomach then there is a high chance of kidney stones.

Kidney stones are not hereditary

People have a negative concept of that kidney stones are hereditary but it’s not. It is all because of the food we eat from that same family which are discussed above. Which is why one person has kidney stone in family then the son also have it then it is just because of the diet or bad lifestyle.

Water is very important to Pass A Kidney Stone

So how much water should we drink in a day. If we drink sufficient water daily then no crystal will get collected in the urine it flows out clearly and that usually helps.

Foods with seeds causes kidney stones

Foods that have seeds in it can cause stones sometimes. People have this myth that too much calcium makes stone. That is not actually true. Because if you are drinking enough quantity of water then it all flushes out through the urine.

Symptoms of kidney stones

If you get kidney stone then you will have severe pain in the flank or the middle of your back but more towards the side. That can go towards to the front of your tummy. So it comes from back towards the front. If those symptoms are there there is a chance it could be a stone. There will be severe pain, sweating, cramp you can almost like not able to breathe.

Also if you do a ultrasonography you will find a stone which is giving a back pressure on kidney.

How to remove kidney stones naturally ?

  • Drinking enough water.
  • Drugs which will help to dissolve the stone. But more in Ayurveda than Allopathy.
  • Drinking beer can help the stone to get it dissolve most only if it is made from barley. Because barley and water helps to dissolve the stone. Also drinking too much beer will help you increase oxalate in body.
  • Keep your self hydrated anyway.

Foods with oxalate which causes oxalate

So oxalate causes the most to make kidney stones as we have discussed above. Here we are going to talk about oxalate rich foods –

Is coffee good for kidney stones?

So there is a good news that coffee is okay to drink in kidney stones. It has really low oxalate which is one of the reason of stones. 1 cup of coffee has only 1gm of oxalate, 1cup of Decaf coffee has 2gm of oxalate which is still pretty well. Also few study said that drinking coffee actually reduce the risk of stone. So drink coffee as much as you can.

Soy milk not good for this

Unfortunately soy milk has a good amount of oxalate, in a cup 20mg of it. So this is something not so good to drink. This is so unfortunate especially people who all are lactose intolerance.

Almond milk or any nuts

In general almonds are high in oxalate in any form. Not only almonds other nuts as well like cashew, hazelnut etc.

Oranges, Lemons cures for pass a Kidney Stone

Lemon juice or any form of citric acid helps for improvement of this problem.. Lemons are good source of citric. You can also drink lemonade or any drinks high in citric acid. But the frozen lemonade, means lemonade from frozen concentrate has 16mg of oxalate per cup. Orange is one of the best fruit for dissolve stone.

Wines drinking is alright for kidney stones patients

The good news is wine is pretty well in this case. Wines are very very less in oxalates. Glass of White wine has almost no oxalate in it. But red wine has 1mg of oxalate in 1glass. So again you can drink wines as much as you can.

Is carrot beneficial

Carrots juice or any form of carrots give enough quantity of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. It helps your kidney the most during kidney problems. Carrots works as antioxidants which keeps you hydrated. Also it helps to remove uric acid from kidney.

Carrot juice increase the metabolism and lower in calories. Luton antioxidant helps keep your eyes healthy. Also it helps to boost immune system. Helps to reduce acne on face. All over carrot is very beneficial for stones in kidney.

Is Beer good for kidney stones?

Drinking beer is completely safe. It has 4mg of oxalate per can. Which is good. But drinking beer can not help you dissolving stones in kidney. Instead too much alcohol may lead increase oxalate in your body. Which will help your body collecting minerals and make stones. So beer drinking can help flushing out the stones it is true but not much. Barley and water helps flushes out the stones.

The conclusion

Kidney stones can be dangerous if you delay in treatment. Better to consult a doctor in prior if any symptoms found. Drink water as much as you can that will be the safest option to cure stone in kidney and carrots juice is good and healthy option.


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