Beer Brands In India, Beer Benefits for health

The Benefits of beer and Beer Brands In India

Is beer beneficial? Is it healthy? The answer is yes. After many research i have come up with few brands and many benefits of it. Many research says that beer is beneficial it if you follow moderate drinking.

If you all do moderate drinking then it could be beneficial for you. So there are few beer Benefits-

Beer helps to loose fat & Bad cholesterol

A moderate drinker can loose body fat. But excessive drinking may results opposite one. It boosts your metabolism than other drinks. The soluble fiber in beer helps to reduce LDL or Bad cholesterol.

Lower the risk of heart disease

Studies says it reduce 25% of heart disease if you drink beers regularly but in less quantity compare to non drinker. According to Harvard university 2012, Polyphenols are present in beer which is very good for heart. There are many Beer Brands In India which are high in Polyphenols.

Lower the risk of heart attack for new few years if you drink 330ml(pint) of beers daily regular basis.

Beer Brands In India

Beer can prevent kidney stone

According to a study In Finland established that daily moderate drinking of beers can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by 40. Because beer had 90 % of water.

Which helps to flush out the antioxidants from body. Also keep the kidneys working properly.

Beer strengthens your bones

Due to its high silicon content it might build you stronger. Apart from all this beer has hops flour which helps bones to get more calcium. It reduce the risk of Osteoporosis which is a bone thinning disease.

Reduce stress & improve memory

Researchers says the 330ml of beers daily reduce the daily life stresses, work stresses and anxiety. But its not a long time solution. Routine drinking may make you an alcoholic while you are trying be a stress less.

Hops has secret ingredients which helps improve cognitive function – Xanthohumol. Its a flavonoid which helps slow down the degradation process of memory.

Beer drinkers live longer

Regular beers drinkers can live longer. Moderate drinking is good for you and beer is also good for moderate drinking.

Everyone knows that axcess drinking of beers or alcohol is not good at all. If you are drunk you run into things you drive into things you may have cancer, liver synosis and many mastic conditions.

Many research says that if you don’t drink at all, then it’s not good for your health also. According to new independent studies moderate drinking live longer and better then drunk.

Beer is better then any other alcoholic beverages

Beer is better than other alcoholic beverages as a selection of a moderate drinking. Because it has less alcohol percentage.

It can softer the temper and cheers the spirit and promotes health.

It is safer than water

  • If you are in a place which is not safe, and you get beer instead of water which is not safe then please go ahead. It will be the safest option for you. It is safer then local bottle water.
  • Few Beer brands in India and it’s making process there is nothing unsafe. From the brewing to bottling it’s all done in a certain way which keeps the drink safe.
  • Even if it get spoiled then also it doesn’t get life threatening Bacterias so it doesn’t make it poisonous.

Beer Doesn’t make you fat

People says beers makes you fat especially few Beer Brands In India, that’s very wrong concept people have in their mind. Our study is done by researches at the university college of London in the year of 2003.

There is no connection between the amount people drunk and the size of their overhang.

Also people think that beer drinkers get fat belly than other alcoholic beverages like wine or spirit.

Beers Brands In india

  • BIRA 91

Above written all beers are most popular brands in India. it is been most consumed alcoholic beverage in worldwide. Especially 50% of Indians are beer fans. So it is little difficult to compare between beers and other alcoholic beverages.

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