Can We Use Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash? Yes!

Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash

Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash, Coconut oil is exceptionally valuable for relieving excruciating and bothering diaper rash in children, because of its saturating, calming, and invulnerable framework boosting properties. The unsaturated fats found in this flexible oil are likewise ready to make a safeguard against disease, and explicitly targets a considerable lot of the sources … Read more

Splenic flexure syndrome Discussed: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Splenic Flexure Syndrome

Splenic Flexure Syndrome, We present a case of a woman in her 50s with acute abdominal pain and complete constipation. Subsequent investigations have revealed a large bowel obstruction, which was shown to be secondary to a rare volvulus of the Splenic Flexure of her colon in a computed tomography scan. The patient was taken for … Read more

Why Feet tickles : why you go crazy when someone tickles your feet 2021

Feet Tickle

Feet Tickle, During a cozy evening on the couch with your loved one, he suddenly starts tickling your feet. Because teasing girls is asking for love, but you don’t really like it. On the contrary, it will drive you crazy! But why is this actually? Strangely enough, we do not experience the same when, for … Read more

Baby Foul smelling urine parts, what is the reason?

foul smelling urine

Babies foul smelling urine, A strong odor is actually common and usually not a health problem. You should not be worried at all about this. This has all basic reasons of breastfed baby urine smells strong. Urine is generally slightly yellow, acidic and almost odorless. Urine hardly stinks as long as someone drinks enough. Insufficient … Read more