Avoid smoking and exercise which level of prevention

Avoid smoking, if you are a smoker and want to quit it then there are 100 products you could try. But may be nothing at all is the best one.

Now smoking is bad for you, it causes cancer and several diseases. You know that we know that. We are gonna tell you the science behind quit the habit. Why it so difficult to quit then?

How smoking kills us day by day?

The first one is nicotine which is naturally found in tobacco and heals trouble in the brain. And when goes to brain it produces nicotine more and more. And when you stop the nicotine then you started going through depression and tension. The way is which will help you leave nicotine step by step gradually call nicotine replacement therapy.

Apart from nicotine there are many harmful ingredients which are carbon monoxide which makes your heart vessel narrow, which causes heart attack in future. And many hydrocarbons which causes cancer too.

does smoking cause hair loss?

does smoking cause hair loss? answer is Yes, it does . Scientists have long speculated cigarette smoke may accelerate hair loss and premature graying. The association was largely attributed to toxins in smoke that can harm hair follicles and damage hormones. According to epidemiological studies, that appears to be the case.

avoid smoking

chewing gum to avoid smoking

Chewing gums has many good benefits along with helping avoid smoking. It also keeps your mouth busy with flavour, makes your jawline shape batter, and also keep your mouth full with saliva.

So first of all you have to carry few chewing gums daily in your pocket. Whenever you feel to smoke just grab a chewing gum and start chewing it. Then forget about smoking.

There are many chewing gum brands like nocotreat or dentyne (cinnamon) and all to give you feel like chewing nicotine which partially makes you stressless. But I will suggest you to go with normal chewing gum which is sugar free or with sugar.

doing exercise can be the best way of quiting smoke

Regular exercise and physical activity can improve gaining your muscles. This will help you to be able to breathe deeper. And your body will be able to more oxygen which cleanse your lungs. The average person should exercise 30 minutes per day for 3 โ€“ 5 days a week.

Not only physical exercise is recommended, breathing exercises also similarly important. If you exercise daily basis you will be able to get your lung health better.

Children should avoid smoking because

Smoking whether from cigar, water pipes, cigarette any form of tobaccos higher the risk of cancer.

When smoking affects so bad for adults then there will be many more side affects for children. As you all know smoking causes cancer, ED etc. Smoking and chewing tobacco both causes mouth cancer.

Detox your lungs after avoid smoking

Can we detox our lungs -the answer is yes we can. But you have to be careful about the products available for detoxification. It is always better to take advice from a doctor.

You should try to use natural remedies for cleansing and detoxing your lungs.

As it is very important to know that cigarette smoke contain 7000 over chemicals. So if you smoke regularly your lung will be changed to medical over the time. It leaves a black pigmentation on lung. The smoke also irritate your lung.

Medical studies have found that there is a direct link between smoking and lung cancer. So if you want to detox and cleanse your lungs, you absolutely must stop smoking.

avoid smoking

No smoking sign

No Smoking Signs indicated when and where you cannot smoke. Smoking prohibition signs normally contain a no smoking symbol with a black cigarette and smoke in a crossed red prohibition circle. Do not ever avoid โ€˜no smoking signโ€™. Instead take it in positive way. It also can help you stop smoking for the time, which will help you to quit it slowly slowly.

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