Benefits of figs soaked in water overnight

Figs Benefits Soaked In Water

Benefits of figs soaked in water overnight For Sperm production is also well known fact, figs(anjeer) are very healthy as it has full of minerals, vitamins(A,B1,B2), fibers, Calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium, chlorine etc. Facts about Figs Benefits soaked in water Figs are known as food for the gods. Wild fig trees already existed … Read more

How to pass a kidney stone, Treating a kidney stone

kidney stones

How To Pass A Kidney Stone, The biggest problem we have in our population is not drinking enough water. Patients who are kidney stone former tend to be a but dehydrated. There are many many factors, again not drinking enough water. Sometimes patients can have metabolic abnormalities in where they put out too much substance … Read more

Pimples Popping on face, How to stop it ?

Pimples Popping On Face

Are Pimples and acne a big problem? Pimples Popping on face can be remove, step by step instructions are here. In teen age pimples and acne are one of the most dangerous problem in our life as we assume. It is of course natural. You don’t have to get stress of worried about pimples at … Read more

Baby Foul smelling urine parts, what is the reason?

foul smelling urine

Babies foul smelling urine, A strong odor is actually common and usually not a health problem. You should not be worried at all about this. This has all basic reasons of breastfed baby urine smells strong. Urine is generally slightly yellow, acidic and almost odorless. Urine hardly stinks as long as someone drinks enough. Insufficient … Read more

Beer Brands In India, Beer Benefits for health

Beer Brands In India

The Benefits of beer and Beer Brands In India Is beer beneficial? Is it healthy? The answer is yes. After many research i have come up with few brands and many benefits of it. Many research says that beer is beneficial it if you follow moderate drinking. If you all do moderate drinking then it … Read more

Nature made vitamin c for Covid 19 recovery: Best Vitamin for immunity

nature made vitamins C

Nature Made Vitamin C for covid-19 recovery, some specific vitamins, minerals and supplement going to discuss about to prevent covid-19. As the pandemic is raised on So we need to be more careful about the spreading of covid 19. Nature Made Vitamin C, why do we need them? Hence there are 13 essential vitamins we … Read more

Indian Breakfast list: South Indian, North india recipe

Indian breakfast

Why breakfast is very important Indian breakfast is very important meal of the day so we are going to talk about breakfast list in India. Always make your breakfast healthy and heavy. In a typical morning it’s very easy to follow a breakfast routine daily basis. We have all heard that old saying about breakfast … Read more