7 month pregnancy baby weight in kg, foods to increase fetal weight

7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg, Baby weight, gaining too much or too little weight can lead to various issues during pregnancy and after you give birth. Which is why going at a steady pace is best. And in most cases, there’s a lot you can do to keep your pregnancy weight gain under control – plus, of course your doctor or midwife will be there to guide you.

There are weight gain recommendations for women pregnant with one baby or twins baby Below.

Underweight (calculate 7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg)

Underweight person in single baby pregnancy BMI less than 18.5

Should gain in pregnant if single baby- 12.7-18 KG

Underweight single baby BMI less than 18.5

Should gain in twins pregnant if twins – 22.6 – 28 KG

Normal Weight (calculate 7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg)

Normal weight person in single baby pregnancy BMI 25.0 – 29.9

Should gain in pregnant if single baby – 10.4 – 15.8 KG

Normal weight in twins BMI 18.5 – 24.9

Should gain in pregnancy of twins 16.7 – 24.4 KG

Overweight (calculate 7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg)

Overweight person in single baby pregnancy BMI 25.0 – 29.9

Should gain 6 – 11KG

Overweight person in twins pregnancy BMI 25.0 – 29.9

Should gain 14 – 22.6 KG

Foods helps to gain baby weight during pregnancy

Still many mother’s wish to deliver a healthy baby. But for that the most important thing is diet. Generally Indian mothers are very happy if their baby is above 3kg. So there are few foods to increase baby weight.

7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg

Milk for 7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg

Milk for 7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg, So milk is full of calcium and Protein. Daily on an average 2 glasses(500ml) of milk is pretty good for baby and mother’s health also. Calcium present in Milk helps develop your baby bones.

Most of the mother has complaint that milk causes vomiting during pregnancy. So better you take milk made products which are more tastier like milkshakes, bornvita milk, dryfruit milkshake, protein powder milk etc.

Protein from milk helps the baby grow faster and make stronger. Also Curd has probiotic which helps intestine to keep functional. So the food and medicine gets absorbed in our body.


Eggs are rich source of protein and calcium to gain baby weight. Egg whites are more healthier than whole egg. Egg yolks are full of fat. 2 boiled egg whites in a day is enough for beginners. But also few peoples are not eggetarians, for them there are other super foods listed here.


Keep the sprouts in water and let it stay till next day. Until it goes through germination. Sprouts are the source of rich protein and iron. Also you can boil it and eat. Both are equally beneficial. Boiled one is more preferable because it doesn’t make gastric in body.

Also sprouts has niacin, riboflavin, iron which increase the immunity of baby. Decreases the risk of anemia and increases the weight. One bowl of sprouts daily basis is enough even if it is boiled.

7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are rich in Vitamins and protein. Also dry fruits are been suggested by doctors to have before pregnancy. It has full of antioxidants which helps to maintain blood flow and immunity. 100gms of dry fruits are enough to make your baby Healthy. Better you soak it in water during whole night.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich food

Green vegetables and fruits are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Yellow color fruits has more of Vitamin A. This vitamins helps to develop your baby’s eyes Health. If parents are wearing specs then in that case those vitamins plays a good role. So daily consumption of Vitamin A rich food is necessary.

Now Vitamin C rich fruits are Guava, Lemon, Strawberry, Amla. Those fruits are highly rich in Vitamin C.

Chicken and Fish

Chicken and fish is something which maintain 7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg, People thinks that Nonvegetarian foods produce heat in our body so they don’t agreed to consume chicken and fish during pregnancy. But it is absolutely safe and also it has maximum amount of protein, Omega fatty acids, Calcium. Those ingredients are equally important for baby weight growth.

Omega fatty acids present in fish takes care of the baby’s skin, heart and eyes. Also antioxidants helps increasing immunity of baby.

7 Month Pregnancy Baby Weight In Kg

Few more foods to increase baby weight

Food list for maintaining a good health either for baby’s or for adults can not get close in short description. Wanted to add few more foods which are equally important for baby weight gain.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are loaded with fibre, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron, Copper and beta carotene. The presence of beta-carotene (and antioxidant) in sweet potatoes gets converted into Vitamin A by your body. Vitamin A as we know, is very essential for foetal skin, bones and eyes.

Lentils and Beans

Lentils and Beans are Jam-packed with iron and protein. You also get enough fiber, folate and calcium by including beans and lentils in your diet. If you are vegetarian, beans will provide you minerals that you may otherwise get from a non-vegetarian food.

Orange juice develops baby weight faster

Start your day with a glass of fresh orange juice and spike up your Vitamin C, Potassium and folate levels. Folate and folic acid are extremely important in pregnancy. Orange juice helps in keeping your overall health, metabolism and muscle functions in place.

Yoghurt helps to gain Baby weight

Calcium, protein, Vitamin B, Zinc and other bone-building nutrients are power packed in yoghurt.

As a mommy-to-be, your daily calcium requirements is 1000mg, and you can meet this requirement with yoghurt apart from keeping your bones and teeths healthy.


Above all the super foods are most important to grow baby healthy and gain weight. Also those foods are easily available in market. Eggs, milk, dry fruits this all are very important to make your baby’s immunity stronger and gain the baby weight.

Also a suggestion to go for baby weight gain is to choose a organic baby supplement which are completely safe. Because sometimes baby can not digest the food which is homemade. So we can not maintain the baby intake.

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